Quickie DIY: Tunic top inspired by Tory Burch

This weekend allowed me a little bit of free time, so I did a "quicky DIY". I bought a tunic top earlier this week from Village Thrift, in Pennsauken NJ. This top was brand new, with its original tags, by Dana Buchman.

I don't know what price Kohl's was asking, but Village Thrift wanted $9.90. But.... lucky me.... the orange color tag was one of their three color tags that was on sale for 50% off! Woo hoo!!!!

I really liked the look of it.... nice color, nice cut, and a linen-cotton blend. It even came with a belt.

But, it reminded me of Tory Burch tunics I've seen, and I wanted to modify it a little. So, off to Hobby Lobby.... and I found this cute package of daisy flower trim on clearance.

 I attached the trim to the tunic top with permanent fabric adhesive. I have plenty left over to be used with a latest project.

Ta-dah!!! Saint Salvage strikes again! It took me about 30 minutes to pin the trim, glue it, then wait for it to dry, and then unpin.


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