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My Most Ambitious DIY Yet: Frankenputer

This post is about the most ambitious salvage yet! I had a laptop that dropped dead.... So, I was very fortunate that someone I knew was getting ready to dispose of an old Gateway 450ROG laptop. So, after the hard drive was wiped, I was given this. So.... Here's what it looked like, scratched and blah. CNet's Review of Gateway's 450ROG.

I went to the Hobby Lobby in Millville, NJ and bought a can of "German Silver" spray paint and some Testors Contour Putty. They came from the model making section, and were labeled as "plastic safe".

I filled in the Gateway logo with the molding putty.
I let it dry and then sanded it and buffed it down.

I sanded and buffed the rest of the top of the laptop. It helps the paint bond better.

Then, down goes an old cardboard box on my deck.

Then, I covered the cardboard with a plastic bag from the local store. I didn't want any spray to go through the gaps.

Next..... the whole can of the German Silver spray paint.

Then, …