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Pinspiration: Pinned on Pinterest: Vintage Suitcase Turned into a Jewelry Organizer

I am a Pinterest fan, but I didn't want to turn into strictly a pinner. I wanted to be "Pinspired", and actually do a DIY. I pinned this really fun little project Vintage Suitcase Turned Jewelry Display from Richmond Craft Mafia onto my pinboard DIY: Jewelry. So.... here's what I did on 3/3:
I picked up a small suitcase at an estate sale a few weeks ago. It cost me $5. It probably was a makeup case.

My younger son repaired the peeling up lining with our trusty glue gun.... Thank you Johnnie!

Then, I used 3 yards of coordinating lace trim, and I spaced them 1.5" apart. I ran it as one continuous strip from one side to the other, and secured them with hot glue. I had a little bit of lace trim left over, so I used it to cover the hinge, and secured it in the back of the display. 
Then, I turned it on its end, and put my earrings on it.

Ta-dah!!!!! All done!!!!