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Quicky DIY: Dalmation Jasper Sterling Silver Ring

I decided to do another ring "DIY" project this past weekend.

I bought these three items from Hobby Lobby in Millville, NJ on 04/18/12: Amazing E-6000 Clear Adhesive ($3.99) , Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring #227850 (was $11.99, on clearance for $7.19) and Traditions Gallery Dalmation Jasper Pendant ($3.99)

I glued the ring (it's Sterling.... it has the .925 stamped on the inside) to one side of the Dalmation Jasper pendant, just like what I did with the Unakite pendant. I let it cure overnight. Then, I cut off the bail (shown below).

Ta dah!!!!! All done. I made another sterling silver "statement ring" for a total of $15.17, and it's a one-of-a-kind. Saint Salvage strikes again!!!!

Playin' with Polish: Zoya Jem

I had the pleasure of doing a DIY manicure with a new color in my collection: "Jem" (ZP575) by Zoya. It's a dark berry with sparkle. Love it!!!! It's a great contrast to my super pale skin! It reminds of Chanel's "Vamp", but for a cost of $8, and is 3-free.
For more information about Zoya and this color, click below. It's rated 5 out of five by other customers. Zoya Jem Polish

Fun with nail polish: Zoya Jem

I tried a new polish today: Jem by Zoya. I love that dark purple, with a hint of sparkle. It looks really great on my pale, pudgy paws!

Reasons to support small and local business

I love this! Please support local businesses or small businesses whenever possible.