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After the Fire: July 15 Progress Photos

After the Fire: July 15 Progress Photos
Mammoth Restoration came back to the house to remove the temporary counter that was installed on July 3.

I really like how it all goes together! The counter was selected on June 21. The sink came from Burlington County Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. The dishwasher came from Camden County Habitat for Humanity's Pennsauken Store.

The fridge came from the Burlington County ReStore and the stove and microwave came from the Pennsauken Store.

It looks great!!!!! Tomorrow is grouting day!!!!

Here's a close up on the tile. The details: Jeffrey Court Verona 12 in. x 12 in. Glass Wall Tile Model # 99135 from Home Depot.

Here's a close up on the counter chip again:

It's called "Bella Capri" by Wilsonart. It's  HD® High Definition® Laminate. (Following is their description) The classic beauty of Granite. This design has a layering of gold, amber, taupe and black with slight hints of cool blue.

After the Fire: July 10 Progress Photos

After the Fire: July 10 Progress Photos This was an important milestone. The rest of our flooring was completed.
This was my inspiration. My neighbor has tile going from his front door all the way through to his kitchen.

I really liked that idea, but.....

It's all off-white, and it's tile, complete with grout. I had a feeling that it would not do well in my household.

So, we went with this: 
Let's flash back to the post I made on: June 21 2013 Vinyl in the "Ebony" shade, by Karndean.

Here's the flooring in the utility closet....
All the flooring was installed by the Floor Coverings International team, from Medford, NJ.

In the kitchen, going into the utility closet..... I love this color. It looks like weathered wood.

In the dining room (the washer and dryer will get moved into their closet by the Mammoth Restoration team).

Last view..... looking from the dining room out the front door.... 

Here's the new vinyl for the washer and dryer closet....

After the Fire: July 5 Progress Photos

After the Fire: July 5 Progress Photos Here's what was different today:

 The furnace and HVAC were all finished....

The air conditioning unit was fired up....

The gas was turned on to all the appliances, except for the washer and dryer...

The extra lockset (left) was installed. I got the idea from the hotel's lockset (right).

Clothes were delivered.... Lots hanging up....

Lots more in boxes....

After the Fire: July 3 Progress Photos

After the Fire: July 3 Progress Photos
Here's what is different, as of today. The furnace is all buttoned up. 
I can't wait until it's tested out on Friday. Sniff.... I wish it were more energy efficient.

The new water line going to the new fridge. Ah, yes.... I need to order the water dispenser for the fridge.

Now..... the temporary counter that is holding up that beautiful black enamel coated cast iron sink Habitat for Humanity's Burlington County ReStore on June 20.

All the cabinets have the Liberty Oil Rubbed Bronze 3 in Half Round Foot Pulls from Home Depot that I bought earlier this week.

I did a little research on that sink, faucet and soap dispenser that I bought for $40. That sink originally was sold retail MoenStone Granite single bowl sink Black for $645+. The faucet Moen CA87316BL Renzo One Handle Low Arc Pullout Kitchen Faucet Matte Black originally sold retail for $245+. The soap dispenser Moen 3942SL Soap Lotion Dispenser Stainless Steel originally sold for $10…

After the Fire: July 2 Progress Photos

After the Fire: July 2 Progress Photos
I called Glassboro Thrift Village to see that they might have the elusive sectional/ sleeper sofa/ recliner. I have found other cool things there before......
Guess what? They did have one. 

It was marked $500, but it was marked down to $350, plus tax. I went there right after work, and there it was.......

It fit our needs perfectly, but it was too big for my car  (thanks Mom and Dad)

When I got to the house....... the new A/C unit was installed.

I hope this is going to save on those upcoming electric bills... Eh, not so much.....

Here's what the old one looked like..... bye, bye......

Here's two of the three pieces of the sectional in the living room. The center piece will be here tomorrow.

I think the teal (turquoise?) color goes well with the walls and the carpet. So far, so good....

After the Fire: July 1 Progress Photos

After the Fire: July 1 Progress Photos
Nice ducting going into the ceiling.

New hot water heater.....

New furnace.....

The most obvious change is (drum roll, please)....
The CARPET!!!! The color is called "Titanic", by Mohawk.

The downstairs bedroom walk-in closet....

The downstairs bedroom.There's my jewelry workbench and....  The new A/C unit!!!!

A closer look at the A/C unit, nicely staged on plastic poly sheeting.

Looking down the hallway, toward the downstairs bedroom.

Looking at the carpet going up the steps.

The upstairs bedroom. Looking at the closet and the windows.

Looking from the bedroom