Playin' with GEL Polish: Sensational French with BRIGHT tips

Time for another gel manicure! I went out to my local CVS over the weekend, and bought these Sensationail colors: Amber Lights and Tahiti Sunset. I decided to hop on the tangerine color trend, and also attempt my first ever "French style" manicure.

I followed the same steps as before.... doing the prep (shaping, buffing, applying the primer and applying the base coat, curing with the Sensational LED light. then, a THIN coat of the Amber Lights. Cure, add a THIN second coat of Amber Lights.  Then, I added Tahiti Sunset on the tips and cured it.
Then, back to the clear top coat, cure, and alcohol pads. Done in approximately 15 minutes!

Easy, peasy, with no STINKY odor! Here's what the finished product looked like..... a fresh, tangy "French" gel manicure!


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