DIY: Lamp Shade and Sari Upcycle

I have a lamp and lampshade I bought in May 2012 from an estate sale. I really loved the size of it, because it's perfect for a night stand. I loved the glass bottom, but I really disliked how heavy the lampshade looked. It just looked like it was too much for the bottom. So, I got a lovely sari in a swap on Rehashclothes, and I thought it would be an awesome replacement for the lampshade.

Here's the original lampshade:

 I cut the lampshade to reveal an airy framework, but I kept the "bones".

I glued the framework after cutting the sheer sari fabric to size......

I cut the fabric to match the angled sides, and lined up the patterns. 

I glued the top edge down and wrapped it around the top edge.

Then, after letting it dry..... the shade went back on, and then..... on with the light!

Ta dah.... another successful upcycling project! Saint Salvage strikes again, in about an hour!


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