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DIY Quartz Points Hoops Inspired by Five and Two

I was inspired to make set of silver hoops, when I spied a pair called BRYN from Five and Two and pinned it to Cool Rockin' Jewels on Pinterest.

I bought some pre-strung clear quartz points at the local Michaels, along with 2 pair of silver plated hoops.

Then, I cut off some of the quartz points.

I opened up each of the hoops.....
and threaded them onto the hoops. I closed them up, and they're ready for wearing!

Two done in less than 30 minutes. They're not an exact idea, but they're scaled just right, and not too heavy. 

I have leftovers. Anyone want me to make them a pair? 

Quickie DIY: GPS Stand for iPhone

I've wanted a proper GPS mount for my iPhone for a while. So.... Lucky me.... I found this iWorld charger at my local Five Below for $5. 

I plugged the standard sync cord in the back of the dock, and the other end to my USB charger in the ciggy lighter. I added 3 strips of Velcro sticky tape to keep the dock from moving. Lastly, I have an adapter that runs from the headphone jack to the tape deck.

It works great, for a total cost of $15 ($5 for each piece of electronics).

Vintage John Romain Purse Repair and Restoration

I was at my local Goodwill store, and I came upon this purse.

It's a 1970 vintage John Romain straw and leather "doctor bag" style. It's in great condition, with the straw/ raffia intact, and the whiskey brown leather straps and trim with a little bit of wear. The brass metal studs, feet and clip look great.    The wooden rods through the leather at the top of the bag ensure the shape. 
Check out the bottom. It has five brass stud feet. Here's the back. Again.... typical wear for its age. I'll end up polishing the leather.  
The only bummer about it is that the flap and twist lock was missing. Note the Romain lion logo on the front flap.
 The interior John Romain logo and the date of "DEC 1970" is clearly seen.

But, the price was right at $3.99. I had to get creative to make this truly functional. So... I scoured the rest of the store, and I found this "busted up" Etienne Aigner straw/ raffia purse.

In its existing condition, it lo…

Un FUBAR Your Closet: Funny and True

I found this great flowchart on the wonderful Pinterest. Of course, I can't find the original creator of it, but it's a perfect summary of how to clean and organize my closet. I think it needs no further explaining.