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Profusion Cosmetics Dupes for Urban Decay's Naked Palette at Five Below?

I went to Five Below this weekend with my teenage boys, and I found two palettes from Profusion "Bare" and Smokey". Profusion Cosmetics "Bare" Palette and "Smokey" Palette on Five Below Pretty darn close to UD "Naked" and "Naked2", at $5 each, with 10 shadows in each. Any thoughts? Urban Decay's Naked Palette (on Sephora)

Urban Decay's Naked2 Palette (on Sephora)

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Denim Ottoman Cube Upcycle Reclaimed Trash to Treasure

I was in the Millville location of Hobby Lobby during July 2012, and I saw a foam cube - shaped denim ottoman. The price was on clearance for around $50. I took a picture of it, and it was put on a future project list. So.... on last week, I stumbled upon an ottoman at the curb. Yes... destined for the trash.
So, I cleaned it...
Then, I cut up some scrap jeans that we've had. This piece was from one of the legs. It's on the lid.
I cut up more, and pinned them to the sides and sewed them to the sides.
I cut off the patches off the jeans, and sewed them to the top, and hot glued them to the sides.
Lastly, I had some goldenrod colored rickrack type of trim that came as part of a bulk deal from an estate sale. I hot-glued them to the edges of the lid, and then to the bottom edges of the sides.
Ta-dah.... all done! Saint Salvage strikes again..... For next-to-nothing!

Necklace Rebirth from plain Bamboo and Wire to WOW!

I bought a very low-key necklace at a yard sale during the summer for $1. I thought it had nice "bones", but I thought it was too boring. So... here I go....

Those itty-bitty tan colored tubes are bamboo. Blah beigey colored.

Here's all the center spokes after.....
I added the green beads, silvery pmpkin beads, black freshwater pearls, glass clear seed beads....
Here it is... all done... one view; the bottom.

Here's the top view. I like it a lot better!!!!

Inspired by Pinterest: Purple Geode Slice Choker

A lot of people, including me are obsessed with Pinterest. A few weeks ago, I pinned a beautiful cuff by Mercedes Salazar, sold on Shopbop.

I decided to upcycle a 1970s era Trifari two-toned choker I bought as part of a bulk bag deal at an estate sale, by using brass craft wire from the local Dollar Tree
a purple agate slice I purchased in August 2012 from Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg, NJ
and some Super Glue

I hammered the wire 
twisted the wire, glued it and mounted it to the choker during my lunch break.

Shopbop's original price: $198.00. It's on sale for $99. I spent no more than $10! Woo hoo! A quickie DIY, and a stylish bargain! Saint Salvage strikes again.