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Hair cut fail on Youtube

Haircut fail on youtube! He cut a bald spot!

Today in Fashion History: February 28, 1985

Today in Fashion History: February 28, 1985:

A child is born into the American fashion royalty family: Alexandria Susan "Ally" Hilfiger

She's worked with her dad, and on her own.

Source: Zimbio
Wikipedia: Alexandria Hilfiger

Today in Fashion History: February 24, 1981

Today in Fashion History: February 24, 1981:

Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer announce engagement
Courtesy of Information Britain

The press had been in a fever for weeks, months even. Was the 32-year-old Prince Charles finally to marry? The very young and beautiful Lady Diana Spencer, still not 20, was the centre of all the speculation. The couple had, it seems, been an item for six months, though they had known one another long before that, as Diana’s family moved in royal circles in the 20th century as it had since the 16th.

 The couple had, it turned out, become engaged on February 6 1981, when the Prince of Wales popped the question the day before Diana was to fly to Australia, taking her to one side during a private dinner. He had offered her the chance of that break to consider, but she accepted at once. This being a royal match, however, there were other political and legal hurdles to be crossed before the announcement could be made.

 At 11am on February 24 Buckingham Palac…

Georgina Chapman of Marchesa X J.C. Penney

I've been a fan of Marchesa for a long time. Their dresses have been loved by many Hollywood stars since founding of Marchesa in 2004.

Just check out the videos...
Marchesa F/W 2012-2013  Model: Jacquelyn Jablonski  Photo: Marcio Madeira/firstVIEW Courtesy of Vogue Magazine Marchesa F/W 2012-2013  Model: Ava Smith  Photo: Marcio Madeira/firstVIEW Courtesy of Vogue Magazine So, how exciting is it when Georgina Chapman Courtesy of Project Runway All Stars So.... hurray! Georgina Chapman is teaming up with J.C. Penney to come up with Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa The prices are reasonable; ranging from $50 to $250. I'm drooling over this:
Any thoughts?

Beauty Tutorial Fail - When Curling Irons Attack!

Beauty Tutorial Fail - When Curling Irons Attack!

I am so glad I saw this during my lunch break! Tori Locklear, a middle school student from Florida,  is doing a tutorial on curling her hair, and oops.... a chunk of hair came off!

Here's a lesson learned..... don't use TRESemmé hair spray before curling your hair! Hairstylists don't know everything.....

Today in Fashion History: February 22, 1999

Today in Fashion History: February 22, 1999

Levi Strauss announced that they were closing 11 of 22 North American plants and eliminating some 5,900 jobs. The job cuts amount to 30 percent of the jeans maker's American and Canadian work force.


The Hunt for the Perfect Dupe for Tom Ford's Wild Ginger Lipstick

I am like a lot of other cosmetics-crazed females. We get obsessed with certain things of beauty, and won't rest until we get it. I developed an unrequited long-distance love affair with Tom Ford's Private Blend lipstick in "Wild Ginger". I kept seeing it in different fashion magazine, taunting me. (as seen in Allure Magazine)
I saw it on other blogs. I spotted this in Lauren's Beauty Blog:

I found this in Fruity Beauty:

I found this one on Design Scene:

Ack!!!! I was seeing it everywhere. I felt that I was excluded from a special, elite club; one that shops at Nordstrom (source of the photo below), and can drop $48.00 on a lipstick.

Of course, there are plenty of fans of Wild Ginger on Pinterest

So, I began the quest for the "Perfect Dupe".

This Revlon Colorburst in Coral is on Amazon. Of course, I can't swipe it.

I went to Ulta, and I saw these from Revlon.... can't swipe them.

These are Ulta's:

I found these in Sephora: Smashbox'…

Why???? Who would buy this: Postal Fashion?

Just when I thought I saw it all, the USPS, yup, the US Postal Service is in the preliminary stages of coming out with a line of clothing. The USPS is going postal...
the line is called "Rain, Heat and Snow".


My take.... how "Dumb, dumber and dumbest"?  I don't think anyone wants to look like a letter carrier, even those who work there don't want to look like that!

The only time I really enjoyed seeing the Postal Service uniforms was on Project Runway, Season 1, Episode 8 "The Postal Uniform Challenge".

New Jersey is the most style-conscious state!

NJ is the most style-conscious state, according to the March 2013 issue of In Style Magazine. Thanks for the props to NJ!
PS: I'm rockin' a couple of trends: bright liner, bed head waves, menswear, and DIY (my necklace).

Upcycled vintage beads and Arizona Ice Tea can into a necklace

My younger son and I made a necklace together tonight. We used some vintage beads, some new Swarovski hot pink beads, and some black spacer beads.
I cut the aluminum tag, and I embossed it with the Vintaj set, to show an owl. (My son's girlfriend loves owls.)

He stamped her name on the long brass tag on one side and the date on the other side. He strung the beads on and added the owl charm and the tag.

Finally, we crimped the ends, and added a heart toggle closure. It was a nice project!

Vintage Knitting Needle Upcycled to be a Bracelet

I bought some plastic knitting needles today, because I was inspired by a few pins I saw on Pinterest

So, I took off the price stickers, put them in boiling water and let them soften. 

Then, I retrieved them one by one, and wrapped them around a thick drinking glass. I wrapped it all up with thick rubber bands and dunked them back in the boiling water.

I took it back out with tongs and let cool. After taking off the rubber bands, tah dah.... a knitting needle bracelet!

Arizona Green Iced Tea Can to Earrings

I took an Arizona Ice Tea (Green Tea) can, rinsed it out...

and cut off the top and down the side with metal shears (safety first).

Then, I cut out 1" x 1" squares, and then used my Sizzix Vintaj Big Kick with a round tag cutter.

Then, I added an oval jump ring, and a French hook. I made another earring and put then onto a tag I made (later post).