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Annual Earth Day at ACUA Atlantic County Utilities Authority April 2016

The family and I went to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority's Annual Earth Day Festival Sunday (4/24). The weather was beautiful, and they had lots of things to see and do. They had exhibits, vendors, tours and activities... indoors and outdoors.
One vendor who was selling soap and lotions that had goats' milk as an ingredient. Here's one of the goats. She was a couple of months old, and was wearing a dress.

I got to network with a really talented and cool artist, William Clark, of Futuristic Sculpture. He loves making sculpture out of "old junk", I admire the way his mind works. His twitter handle is @4Miracleman. The pieces below were really evocative, showing movement, attention to detail, and a sense of humor.

We saw more goats....

We saw a Screech Owl.....

And..... a Barred Owl....

They came to the Earth Day event with Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. I want to go there sometime!


Repurposed/ Upcycled Punk Baby Doll Leather Top

I admit it. I'm a Project Runway fan. I've been a devoted watcher since the beginning. I had a glorious night in August 13, 2013, when I met Jay McCarroll. Yes, Project Runway is my crack, my drug of choice. I'm not ashamed to admit it.  So..... when I stumbled upon these two tops in a thrift store, I knew I had to put them together to make a punky "Baby Doll" type top.
Front view                                                                 Back view

Front view                                                                 Back view

I decided to make a top that would evoke a feeling/ homage to three different Project Runway looks:

Alexandria von Bromssen (Season 12)
Andy South (Season 8)
April Johnston (Season 8)  All those photos were from (none are available through the website anymore).

I started the process by disassmbling both tops. I took the sheer part of the top away, and left the studded harness part.

I pinned the shimmery part of the se…

My Solo Trip to New York City: Mood Fabrics, Vintage Manhattan, FIT Museum on April 9, 2016

I took a "pilgrimage" type of trip to NYC on April 9, 2016. I had a few targets in mind: The Manhattan Vintage sale (it's held every spring and fall), Mood Designer Fabrics, the Garment District, the Fashion Walk of Fame, and Fashion Institute of Technology's Museum. Sadly, it was raining and raw outside, so I stayed with the plan as closely as possible.
I started by driving to the NJ Transit's Middletown, NJ station.
I took the train to Penn Station in NYC. I took a lot of pictures of their map, to minimze using my phone's data. 

I decided to "hoof it" to the Garment District first.

I stepped out of the freezing cold rain, and stepped into a place I've been yearning to visit for a LONG time..... Mood Designer Fabrics

Guess who I got to meet???? The one, the only, the famous Swatch!!! He's such a sweetie pie!

Yes, folks..... Season 15 of Project Runway will be coming. I love you guys! 

I made three purchases. Leather braided trim, suede tri…