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Conair Warehouse Sale: December 3, 2011

I really want to go to this.... might find some great Christmas gifts!

Conair Warehouse Sale:
Saturday, December 3, 2011
7am to 4pm at 150 Milford Rd, Hightstown, NJ 08520-6124

Conair Corporation

Fri 11-18: Day Six of the Mink Coat Upcycling Project

The mink fur coat repurposing is coming along. The fur is tacked on, and I did a test fit.

4 Common Skin Problems Solved

Tired eyes, brown spots, perma-lines, visible pores -- chances are, you've got at least one of these imperfections.

How to fix them:

Mayhem and Foolishness at the Ferragamo Sample Sale in NJ 11/15/11

According to Mizhattan, there were arrests at the Ferragamo sample sale on 11/15/11.

Arrests Made at the Salvatore Ferragamo Sample Sale

I do love bargains, and I do love upscale shoes. But, getting arrested? Come on, my fellow Jersey Grrls.... Really????

If you want to brave the fray, here's the details:
Where: 700B Castle Road, Secaucus, NJ 07094

When: Tuesday, November 15th through Sunday, November 20th.

I'm Dreaming of a Glam Christmas

Anyone dreaming of a glamorous Christmas? I am. Sally Beauty sells these cute ornaments!

Go to Sally Beauty Supply

Marc Jacobs' Spring/ Summer 2012 collection stolen!

The mystery of the stolen Spring/Summer 2012 Collection....

Marc Jacobs' Spring 2012 Collection was stolen

Seriously, why? How are ya gonna fence it?

Evelyn H. Lauder, Champion of Breast Cancer Research, Dies at 75

She was a legend, and a the creator of the "Pink Ribbon Campaign". Ms. Lauder will be missed.

(Courtesy of NY Times):

Evelyn H. Lauder, Champion of Breast Cancer Research, Dies at 75

How To Make Your Own Green Terrarium To Keep or Give Away for the Holidays!

I saw this great terrarium DIY on Inhabitat:

How To Make Your Own Green Terrarium To Keep or Give Away for the Holidays!

Inhabitat: Terrarium DIY: Keep or Gift!

We already have one terrarrium..... can't hurt to do another one. Reminds me of my childhood in the '70s.

Awesome Liquid Eyeliner and Tape DIY

I have a newfound appreciation for "Scotch" type tape. It can be used as a guide for liquid eyeliner application! Awesome!!!!

The Cat-Eye Tutorial (courtesy of the Hairpin):

Consider me a fan!

Blonde Saks Shopper Going the Wrong Way on the Escalator!

The Telegraph posted this hilarious video of a very determined shopper going up the escalator at Saks Fifth Ave the wrong way. They surmise her laser focus is set on some sale.
Maybe she’s getting her shopping and cardio in one go? Either way it’s pretty funny.

Mon 11-14: Day Six of the Mink Coat Upcycling Project

This past weekend was busy!!!! I managed to do some sketches of the vest, and of some future repurposing projects of this butchered mink coat.

Thurs 11-11: Day Five of the Mink Coat Upcycling Project

Today...... More butchering of the mink coat. I cut off the collar and "tacked" it onto the vest.

Wed 11-10: Day Four of the Mink Coat Upcycling Project

Drew some sketches for reuse of the dissembled mink fur coat. I think I'll start on the vest first. I have a chocolate brown vest in my closet with works well for the vest modification on the sketch. I thrifted it last year for $5.

Wed 11-9: Day Three of the Mink Coat Upcycling Project

Today..... the pockets, shoulder pads and felt interfacing came out.

And.... the sleeves also got removed!

Day Two of the Mink Coat Upcycling Project

11/8/11: I stripped out the lining (phew.... not so fresh....) of the mink coat. Lots of fur for more than one project.

Starting a Saint Salvage Project: Upcycling a "Busted" Mink Coat

I bought a "busted" full-length mink coat at one of my favorite thrifty haunts in NJ:

Frugal Resale in Collingswood, NJ.

I spent $15 on it, with the intent of giving this tortured coat a second chance at being fashionable. I plan to take it apart, and use it for different items: Maybe, a vest... maybe, a hat, earmuffs, purse? We'll see.

I know that wearing fur is such a controversial subject. But.... wearing faux fur involves using petrochemicals, which has the potential for polluting the environment. I enjoy buying vintage and repurposing, so this previously glorious coat caught my eye. I plan to post some sketches and I will post photos as I go. Wish me luck, please.