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Quickie DIY: Vintage Earrings Refashion to Fringe Cone Earrings

I found this cute pair of vintage cone shaped pierced earrings at one of my favorite local thrift shops: Kathleen's Closet. Their sales support the Community Food Bank of NJ. I love finding bargains that help the Food Bank and other helping organizations.
I bought this pair with the plan of using this as part of a DIY.

I had these fringe beads sitting in my stash... they turned to be perfect for this quickie DIY. I bought them last year on clearance from Michaels.

I selected the brown, black, red and silver fringe bead strands because they were the only duplicate colors. I took them off the chain, and separated them; one for each side.

I took a gold tone head pin and threaded it through the top of each cone.

I threaded the beaded strands onto each head pin.

Then, I curled each wire and trimmed them.

Last step... I bent the wire back up into the cone.

Here I am, modeling my new creation. Not bad for about 10 minutes of hands-on time.

Quickie DIY: Upcycled China Cup and Hens & Chicks Mother's Day or Other Occasion Gift

Guess what? Mother's Day almost caught me by surprise this year. Ack! Panic mode... What to do? So, to get inspiration, I went to my local Goodwill Store. I found this box of vintage "china" cups and saucers. 

It was marked $5.99 for the whole box, but lucky for me, red tags were one of the two colors on the 50% off weekly sale. So, the whole box was $3, plus tax.

Then, I went off to my local garden supply center... Yes, a mom and pop place! It's called Bob's Garden Center. They close at 9 PM on Saturday nights, and I got there at 8:45.

I scored three "Hens and Chicks" for $4.99 each, plus tax. They're great succulents!

This is the "quickie" part. You pick a cup and saucer, and pick a plant. Depot it GENTLY, and remove enough soil over a paper bag or newspaper, etc... to keep the mess to a minimum.

Place the succulent in the cup, and clean it up! Easy peasy! It was quick, affordable, environmentally friendly (by upcycling), and supported local…

Quickie DIY: A Cat Friendly Small Entryway with a Bookcase

I live in a two story townhouse, with next-to-no entryway. I had a small plastic organizer there before that became a messy area that my two cats would climb all over. They would knock things down, too. I also have books that I wanted to organize in my small place. So..... I called ahead to one of my favorite thrift stores, Glassboro Thrift Village. Not only did they have "lots" of bookcases, but they were having a 30% off sale for furniture! Whoo hoo!!!!

I drove the 45 minute ride, and settled on one that was $50 before the 30% off, which worked out to be $35, plus tax. It has five shelves, plus a nice top for the kitties. My son and I brought it home, moved the plastic organizer, and set up the bookcase. I cleaned it, filled it with my books, and put their bet bed on the bottom shelf, and a fuzzy blanket that they like on the top of the bookcase. My female cat, Sydney, approved of it!

I also have plenty of room!!! 

Quickie DIY: Create Lint-Free Gel Nail Polish Remover Wipes

I wanted to give myself a new gel polish manicure today, and I opened up my gel polish kit, and oops.... out of those lint-free wipes that are used with the gel cleanser (which is isopropyl alcohol). So, I looked around, and I found a 80 count package of "baby wipes", that I got at the local dollar store.

After removing 2 wipes, I dried them with a blow dryer.

I folded each one into thirds, and cut them along the fold lines.

I folded those sections into thirds again, and cut them again.

So, I have a total of 18 squares.... ready to be used!

Here they are, in a mini zip-top bag. They are safe for more gel manicures.