Sunday, July 24, 2016

Refashioning a White Button Front Shirt with a Ruffled White Eyelet Collar

Here's a refashion that I just performed over the weekend. Since we had high heat warnings, I felt the need to create something. A white button front shirt is one of those "basics" that I've been told that every woman "needs" in her wardrobe. I have had this button front shirt in my wardrobe for a little while now (a gift from Mom a couple years ago), and I thought it needed a little "tweak".

So, when I saw this top for $1.50 at the local Goodwill, I knew what to do. I loved the eyelet collar, but I was not a fan of it being sleeveless or thin fabric. I felt no guilt about cutting this sucka apart.

First, I took my handy seam ripper and removed that frumpy "boob pocket". Seriously, guys.... WHY give women shirt pockets like this???? They are NOT flattering or useful!!!!

I used the seam ripper and removed the entire collar and button front eyelet ruffles going down the front of the top. It is a nice, romantic, softening detail to a crisp, white shirt.  I kept the existing finished seams as they were, but opened them with the seam ripper to remove this detail from the old shirt. The new shirt fabric will get sewn back into these finished seams, for a professional look.

I laid the collar and ruffles on the front of the "recipient" shirt to see how it looked before cutting it up further.

Front test view                                                                                  Back test view

Time to remove the collar! This ergonomically friendly seam ripper is a great tool.

Now that the collar's gone, it's time to see what parts of the neckline need to go away. I centered the collar at the back of the new neckline, and starting pinning.

After pinning and trimming, I carefully fit the remaining raw edges of the shirt into the opened finished seams I kept from the collar and ruffle removal. Then, I sewed those all those finished seams back up. Here's how it looks as the finished look.

  Front view                                                                                              Back view

Here I am, modeling it in front of my mirror. I think it's ready to go to work one day. It's professional enough, but still a little feminine with the new neckline and ruffled eyelet. Flirty, but not trashy.

Saint Salvage strikes again.... Total estimated work time: about two hours.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Crochet and Vintage Gauze Restyled and Upcycled Top

I found this sad cream colored top at a Goodwill by the Pound store. It was looking a little rough, but had potential. This is the front of the top.

This is the back. Really cute. 

I inherited this dress from my mom, when she passed last year. I really like the lightness, but it's really long and had some stains.



I cut the bottom tier off. You can see the lining left behind here.

I gathered that bottom tier and pinned it to the crochet part of the top.


I hand-sewed that bottom tier to that crocheted upper part. Then, I took out a roll of Stitch Witchery, and used it on the inside, between the lower tier and the crocheted part (the hem/ seam allowance area).


Then I used the iron-on seam tape on top of the frayable part of the inside gathered seams.


Here I am, modeling the finished product. It's perfectly light and floaty. It's great for summer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Annual Earth Day at ACUA Atlantic County Utilities Authority April 2016

The family and I went to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority's Annual Earth Day Festival Sunday (4/24). The weather was beautiful, and they had lots of things to see and do. They had exhibits, vendors, tours and activities... indoors and outdoors.

One vendor who was selling soap and lotions that had goats' milk as an ingredient. Here's one of the goats. She was a couple of months old, and was wearing a dress.

I got to network with a really talented and cool artist, William Clark, of Futuristic Sculpture. He loves making sculpture out of "old junk", I admire the way his mind works. His twitter handle is @4Miracleman. The pieces below were really evocative, showing movement, attention to detail, and a sense of humor.

We saw more goats....

We saw a Screech Owl.....

And..... a Barred Owl....

They came to the Earth Day event with Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. I want to go there sometime!

We also got to see turtles from The Turtlesinger. We've seen them every year, and it's always enjoyable.

The last thing we did while visiting..... the hay ride to the top of the landfill. It's the highest point in Atlantic County, NJ.