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Review: Rebelle by Rihanna for women Eau de Parfum

Here's my latest fragrance obsession: Rebelle by Rihanna for women Eau de Parfum

I tried it last night (12/20), because a huge display was near the checkout area at my local Sears. I normally tend to stay away from "celebrity" fragrances, but the bottle caught my eye. I sprayed it on, and at first.... wow! Very intense. Sexual. It is definitely a gourmand, with with cacao, coffee, patchouli and an almond/ marzipan and ginger layer to it. Quite complex. It definitely smells similar to Thierry Mugler's Angel.

I found a bottle today at my local Walmart, and it was listed is $19.99 for 1 oz, but it had a $5 off coupon.... the last one on the shelf! I definitely give it 2 thumbs up!
I left this same review on Fragrantica. It seems like other people agree with me. It's awesome.

Quickie DIY: 60s Vintage Daisy pin Upcycled to Necklace

Here's another quickie DIY. I did it in about 10 minutes during my lunch break. I had a 60s era vintage black & white enameled metal pin, as part of a bulk deal from an estate sale. I also had this blackened chain tassel, from a necklace that I took apart for another project.
I also had some broken chain left behind from another salvaging project.
I put the pin onto the jump rings, and attached the metal tassel under the pin.
Here it is, on.... I plan to apply a clear glaze on the flower, to keep the flower enamel just "worn enough".
Saint Salvage strikes again.... for very little time and next-to-no money!

Busted up Nintendo Game Boy Original Upcycled to External Hard Drive

It turns out that my older son has upcycling talents, too! He came across an original Nintendo Game Boy (1st gen), and he wanted to resurrect it. That didn't work out, so he decided to turn it into an external hard drive. He gutted the Game Boy. He also has the hard drive and cord.
He had to do some trimming back of the plastic frame, to allow the cord to be able to make it through the side of the case.
The hard drive is in, and the cord now goes through.

The power light shines through here....
Last but not least.... foil to cover where the broken screen was.
Here's the back.... the cord can be safely tucked away when it's not in use.

I'm so proud!!!!!

Weaving with Wire: a Pendant based on "Spotlight on Wire"

I had the pleasure of borrowing a book titled "Spotlight on Wire" from my local library. I needed inspiration, and this looked challenging. So, I followed the instructions in the book. I cut the flat wire:
I hammered the wire with a my texturing hammer.
I curled up the edges, to prepare to receive the framing wire.
Like so.....
I made by own bail by wrapping 16 gauge wire around a #2 pencil. Hey.... my kids were doing their homework nearby.
I wove the wire, added spacers and the bail.
I curled some pink wire around a crochet needle, along with black freshwater pearls.
Then, I threaded the wire and pearls through the center of the square and added a little extra wire, and wrapped the bail around a black velvet ribbon for a necklace.
Tah dah!!!! It took about the hours... the weaving definitely was challenging. I wanted it to be square, after all!

Quickie DIY Amber Ring: Parts from Kabela Design

I had the pleasure of attending the Innovative Beads Expo on 12/02/12. It was held in The Chase Center on the Riverfront 815 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801  It's located right next to the Daniel S. Frawley Stadium Home of the Wilmington MLB Team Blue Rocks

I checked out many different vendors, and one of the vendors I visited and purchased from is Kabela Design (also on Facebook and Twitter). I settled on some cool filigree cones (I'll do a project with those later), and this cute yellow faceted cube

It was wrapped in filigree that Kabela Design calls Lovely.  Here it is from the top side.
I bought some Vintaj Parawire from Millville, NJ's Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago (40% off the listed price of $4.99)
I cut off three pieces of wire and wrapped them 3/4 of the way around a ring mandrel, to match my size of 7 1/2. Then, I wrapped 24 ga wire around the three wires to make a shank, bent them around the mandrel, and then split the ends 3 ways. I bent each end of the three …

Profusion Cosmetics Dupes for Urban Decay's Naked Palette at Five Below?

I went to Five Below this weekend with my teenage boys, and I found two palettes from Profusion "Bare" and Smokey". Profusion Cosmetics "Bare" Palette and "Smokey" Palette on Five Below Pretty darn close to UD "Naked" and "Naked2", at $5 each, with 10 shadows in each. Any thoughts? Urban Decay's Naked Palette (on Sephora)

Urban Decay's Naked2 Palette (on Sephora)

Other bloggers have reviewed similar Profusion palettes:

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Denim Ottoman Cube Upcycle Reclaimed Trash to Treasure

I was in the Millville location of Hobby Lobby during July 2012, and I saw a foam cube - shaped denim ottoman. The price was on clearance for around $50. I took a picture of it, and it was put on a future project list. So.... on last week, I stumbled upon an ottoman at the curb. Yes... destined for the trash.
So, I cleaned it...
Then, I cut up some scrap jeans that we've had. This piece was from one of the legs. It's on the lid.
I cut up more, and pinned them to the sides and sewed them to the sides.
I cut off the patches off the jeans, and sewed them to the top, and hot glued them to the sides.
Lastly, I had some goldenrod colored rickrack type of trim that came as part of a bulk deal from an estate sale. I hot-glued them to the edges of the lid, and then to the bottom edges of the sides.
Ta-dah.... all done! Saint Salvage strikes again..... For next-to-nothing!

Necklace Rebirth from plain Bamboo and Wire to WOW!

I bought a very low-key necklace at a yard sale during the summer for $1. I thought it had nice "bones", but I thought it was too boring. So... here I go....

Those itty-bitty tan colored tubes are bamboo. Blah beigey colored.

Here's all the center spokes after.....
I added the green beads, silvery pmpkin beads, black freshwater pearls, glass clear seed beads....
Here it is... all done... one view; the bottom.

Here's the top view. I like it a lot better!!!!