Quicky DIY: My take on the Tom Binns DIY Trend

I'm not normally a trend follower, but I've pinned a lot of the "Inspired by Tom Binns" DIY necklaces on Saint Salvage on Pinterest, so I decided to put my crafting where my mouth is (hah hah...), and do one.

I checked out a couple of the pins I had, because I wanted to do my own take on it. First, to Swellmayde.com's DIY Painted Rhinestone Necklace

Then, to Little Pink Monster's DIY Neon Necklace Tom Binns Inspired

Finally, to Dream and Dress's DIY Painted Necklace

I also liked Prada's rose and crystal necklaces and earrings. Honestly WTF did an awesome DIY.

So, when I was in the Cherry Hill mall's H&M store, I spotted a crystal and resin rose necklace. I bought some nail polishes, and also decided to use some other polishes I already had.

I painted my crystals, just like everyone else.... Here's my mash-up:

Here's what it looks on me:

Ta-da!!!!! Saint Salvage strikes again!!!! I took aout 10 minutes to paint the necklace.... it took longer to write this post!


  1. Super Cute!
    Check out my blog I'm fairly new only have two posts haha


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