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DIY Aerogarden 7 Reflector Power - Grow Light Booster

We received an Aerogarden 7 for Christmas. We are very excited to try gardening indoors, and we are hoping that this will be a jump on healthier living.
Here's what it looks like on their website:
Here's how it looks now. 

We have set it up just a couple day ago, and I saw the Youtube video Grow Light Boosters Time Lapse:
So, I decided to make one with what I had.  I cut open an oversized cardboard box.

I cut a slit for the lamp power cord.

Sized it to make sure it wrapped around only three sides.

I ate a bag of chips with the family. For science. of course.

I cut open the bag, cleaned it and used it for reflector material.

I taped the bag, along with some aluminum foil to the box while taking care to make sure it folded up around the Aerogarden.

Here it is, all set up. Wish us luck, please. I am hoping to get a bounty of herbs: basil, dill, cilantro, chives, parsley, thyme and mint.

Review: Tarte Energy Lipsurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint

Before Christmas, I was asked what I wanted to receive for a Christmas gift. So, went around to both Sephora and Ulta to swatch different cosmetics. I came across the sampler "Try Me" size of Tarte Energy LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint and swatched it on the back of my hand. I really liked how it looked, so I asked for it for Christmas.
Happily, I received it for Christmas!
Here's what I looked like before application:

 Here's it what I look like immediately after application:
This is a close up after a few minutes. According to the Tarte website, it changes color by the skin pH. I really like it, because it gives me a perky, bright pink, along with a light, mighty flavor. The tint lasts through some eating and drinking too!

Lil BUB's Magical Yule LOG Video

Upcycle Sweater Sleeves into Boot Socks

Here's how to upcycle a sweater's sleeves into boot socks. I chose this sweater because the ruffles don't sit correctly on me when I wear it as a cardigan, but the sleeve ruffle will be great for the top of a boot sock. This is a project that needs few supplies. Gather: 1. The donor sweater 2. Coordinating thread 3. Seam ripper 4. Hand sewing needle 5. Straight pins or safety pins 6. Material of your choice for the soles of the socks ( I used small men's socks folded over.)

Turn the sweater inside out and locate the seam where the sleeve is joined with the rest of the sweater.  Take the seam ripper, and carefully use it to cut the seam open. Use care during this step, because one false move, and you get unraveling! 

Try on the sleeve (soon to be sock) to see how it fits. This is also very important, because you need to see how the bottom (was the arm/shoulder seam area) suits your foot.
This is where you decide if you want to turn this into legwarmers, or socks. I decided to make …

My First "Commissioned" Piece: Some New Beads and the Rest are Upcycled

This is my first "commisioned" piece. I was asked to make a necklace from these beads, by one of the other ladies who attend my church. 

Hmmmm.....this is a challenge for me, because I usually let my project materials "speak" to me.

I thought that this would make a great focal point. It has a heart shape to it.

This is a necklace I decided to sacrifice.

These beads make a nice textural and color contrast.

Here's all the beads, all ready to go....

This is my first design idea. I sent a photo to my client, and she wasn't crazy about the heart shaped focal. So, try again....

This is my next pattern test. It looks good to me.

This is the beading wire I decided to use.

I decided to string it directly from the spool.

 To finish, I tried out my new tool purchase: the "1 Step Crimper" from Bead Buddy. The clasp is a toggle from "Adorned by Rebecca Nunn". 

Here's the crimp up close, covered by a crimp bead.

Here's the toggle clasp. It's nice and …

How to Replace a Zipper for Your Favorite Parka

Here's how to replace a broken zipper for your favorite warm and cozy parka. 
This is my husband's jacket's, and he really likes it, But, he broke the zipper. See the missing teeth?

I went to my local JoAnn Fabrics, and I bought a Coats & Clark Parka Zipper that it is 32" long. It has heavy duty plastic teeth, and cost about $3.50.

I also used a seam ripper and black heavy duty thread and a heavy duty hand sewing needle.

Take that seam ripper and carefully slide it up along the zipper. This will leave each front seam side open to attach the zipper.

 Pin the zipper in between the layers to ensure that everything lines up. Give the zipper a test zip to make sure it's straight with no puckering along the seam.

Hand sew twice on each side of the zipper, to ensure the seams are just as strong as the zipper.

After you sew each zipper side into the jacket, remove all the straight pins. Clip the seams to ensure no loose strings will get stuck in the zipper. That jack…