Road test: Cargo Swimmables Waterproof Eye Pencil Kit

I received a coupon from Ulta which gave $10 off for buying $50 of more. So.... I went with my son's girlfriend, and I bought a Cargo "Swimmables Waterproof Eye Pencil Kit" (Taylor ended up getting goodies that met the rest of the coupon). This kit is billed as a "Limited Edition: The kit includes 4 hot shades: Deep Teal, Dark Pewter, Royal Blue and Popsicle Purple." It cost $19 + tax for the set of full-sized liners.

Ulta's Link to Cargo Swimmables Kit

I work on a construction site, so I always am looking for long-lasting/ waterproof products.

It was hot and humid yesterday (highs in the low 80s). So..... I decided to give the "Deep Teal" a "road test" at work.

I applied this at 5AM, and took it off at 10PM after a WARM day (highs in the low 80s).

Good Variety of Colors, Easy Removal, Easy To Apply, Long Lasting, Good Pigmentation, Smooth Look, Good Colors

Best Uses: Sensitive Eyes, Going Out, Everyday,
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. The liner held up extremely well. I am looking foward to trying all the colors.

Here's how I looked in the AM. Sorry about the bad lighting.

Here's how I looked in the PM. It still looks great.


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