DIY: Sterling Silver and Unakite Ring

I decided to do a couple of "DIY" projects this past weekend while recovering from an outpatient medical procedure.

I bought these three items from Hobby Lobby in Millville, NJ on 04/18/12: Amazing E-6000 Clear Adhesive ($3.99) , Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring #227850 (was $11.99, on clearance for $7.19) and Traditions Natural Gallery's Unakite Pendant ($3.99)

I glued the ring (see.... it's Sterling.... it has the .925 stamped on the inside) to one side of the Unakite pendant. I let it cure overnight. Then, I cut off the bail.

Ta dah!!!!! All done. I made a sterling silver "statement ring" for a total of $15.17, and it's a one-of-a-kind.
Saint Salvage strikes again!!!!


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