Gluten Free Chocolate Sunflower Peeps Cake

My gluten free Easter cake, inspired by the cake I saw on Frugal Girls: the Easy Peasy Sunflower Cake. I also pinned it on Pinterest. So..... here it is.....

I got a container of Betty Crocker's Rich & Creamy frosting, in Milk Chocolate, two boxes of yellow Peeps, and a box of Betty Crocker's GF Mix in Devil's Food. 

I baked the cake per the instructions in a Pyrex mixing bowl to get a rounded edge on the cake. I unmolded it, and allowed it to cool. I cut the cake so it would sit flat.

Then, I iced it....... and surrounded it with Peeps.

Then, I dusted it with all the loose sugar that fell off the Peeps.

Ta dah!!!!! All done.


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