Lovin' my vintage Coach "Willis" bag

Isn't interesting that Coach is getting back to its classier and historic roots?

I guess they're tired of riding the wave of conspicuous consumption "logo whores"? I'm really glad they are. I do like a quality label, but I don't like the things I own to BROADCAST it. Hello.... tacky!!!! Anyway.... I have a 1993 Coach bag (in British tan) in my personal collection (photo below). I added a modern chocolate leather Coach tag and a modern Coach ladybug charm for a little bit of fun color.

I've had this bag for several years now, so I wanted to verify that it was real. So, I hit up Purseblogforum. Below is a close-up photo of my creed, with serial number of A9C-9927. I found one that is darker than mine being sold on eBay Authentic COACH Medium Brown Leather STATION WILLIS Brief Bag

Anyway..... I am so thrilled that I bought this bag at an estate sale a couple years back for $10. The "New Willis" bags are going for $298.00 + tax. So.... classic isn't boring; it's classy!


  1. Love these vintage coach ads (and bags!). Where did you find these old ads?

  2. Omg! I love vintage coach i have 32 and a paid for the most expensive 40 mexican pesos (3 u.s. Dollar) and the most ship a pay only 2 pesos (.15 c u.s,)


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