Organizing my Makeup: Using Z-Palette Pro

I decided to organize my makeup...
I have a Profusion Cosmetics "Smoky", which is a great dupe for Urban Decay's  "Naked 2" palette.

I also have their "Bare" palette, which is a great dupe for Urban Decay's "Naked" "Naked" palette. 

Here's the 
"Berry" palette, also from Profusion.

I paid $5 for it at my local Five Below.

So..... I bought a Z-Palette, in the Pro Size, in leopard. It's magnetic! 

So, I depotted them. I cut the Profusion palettes apart.

I depotted a Tarte palette, by putting in the oven, at 275 degrees F, for about 20 minutes. Here"s what it looked like. The plastic is all ripply.

The shadows were removed easily after a minute of cooling.

Here's what it looks like all filled up. I need to get another Z-Palette because I still have more to organize. 


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