Nail Art: Color Blocked Coral and Magenta Red Carpet Gel Manicure

I decided to try DIY-ing a free-hand color blocking gel manicure. Here's what I chose:

 The coral color (left) is "Ooh la Liscious" and the magenta color (right) is "Paparazzied".

I applied the "Ooh la Liscious" on the base of each nail, and cured them. Then, I applied the "Paparazzied" on the tips, and cured them. 

Lastly, for the artsy part: "And  the Winner Is" and a dotting tool. I used the dotting end to draw a line in between the two colors, to "pop" the contrast.  

After curing the art work, and clear coat, then more curing, the final product:

Fun, funky, and warm weather appropriate! It took about 10 - 15 minutes to do this, and should last about 2 weeks.


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