Monday, June 10, 2013

Gel Manicure with China Glaze Nail Polish Appliques in Ferr-ocious and Sensationail Topcoat

This week's manicure is a "gelly sandwich". I started with using China Glaze's Real Nail Polish Appliques, in "Ferr-ocious". I bought the set of 16 from the local Five Below for $3.

The directions are straightforward. Prepare the nails by pushing back the cuticles, filing and shaping, then buffing, and using alcohol to remove any oils.

So, here goes. I pulled off the plastic, and applied the proper size for each nail.

Then, I trimmed off the tips.

Followed by cutting off the cuticle end.

Now, the Sensationail primer and Gel Base & top coat goes on top. 

After curing, I wipe my nails with alcohol and wash and dry.

Here's the close-up. Not bad. 

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