After the Fire: June 19 Progress Photos

After the Fire: June 19 Progress Photos....Lots of small changes....
Here's the loft... I love how the sunlight comes through.

Here's a different view....

From the loft, looking at the light over the steps. I am so happy to see it uncovered. 

Here's the upstairs bedroom, with the paint job done.

Another view. It looks white, but it's not. It's a very light beige, called "Ibis White", by Sherwin Williams.

Here's a view from the steps, at the living room. I love this color. It's called "Water Squirt", by Sherwin Williams.

Another view, toward the dining room.

Here's the downstairs bedroom, it's a color called "Fountain", by Sherwin Williams. 

Another view.

The downstairs bathroom is the same color.

The utility closet behind the washer/dryer closet. It's the same color as the bathroom.

A closet under the steps. The floor needed further repair.

A close up.

Looking up at the steps. I really do love this color. It's so calm and soothing.

Here's the living room with the old refrigerator, waiting to get picked up.

Here's the dining room. It's a different color, called "Quartz White", by Sherwin Williams.

Another view of the dining room and kitchen (same color as the dining room).

Finally, the kitchen....

Here's the colors that Mammoth Restoration applied:
SW7000 Ibis White
Ibis White

Water Squirt

Quartz White



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