After the Fire: June 21 Progress Photos

After the Fire: June 21 Progress Photos

The kitchen cabinets are starting to go in......
This is where the sink is going...

Here's where the stove and fridge will go...

Here's the vinyl the kids and I picked out for the kitchen and dining room. It's called "Ebony", by Karndean.

This is a promotional photo:

Some detail.... I like that it makes a nice companion to the black appliances.

Here's a close up on the cabinet's wood trim. It's called "Medium Oak"by Hampton Bay

This is the chip sample for the counter top. I really like it, because it's a nice transition between the black appliances, the ebony flooring, the medium oak cabinets, and the 

Quartz White paint I mentioned with the 06/19/13 progress photos

It's called "Bella Capri" by Wilsonart. It's  HD® High Definition® Laminate. (Following is their description)
The classic beauty of Granite. This design has a layering of gold, amber, taupe and black with slight hints of cool blue.

This is shot of the trim with the floor sample and the counter top sample.

This is the carpet sample we chose by is by Mowawk. It's 869 Oyster, and it's gorgeous!

I can't wait until Mammoth Restoration installs it!


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