Monday, March 4, 2013

Upcycled Denim Rivets to Post Earrings with Business Card

It's stash busting time.... I have a pile of worn out jeans, and I've been pinning "like crazy" on my Pinterest board "Forever in blue jeans". So, I decided to start small. I wanted to make earrings out of the rivets!
Here's the donor pair; a torn-up pair from my boys. It was Old Navy.
Close up of the "1994" rivet:

Brand new posts.

Rivet trimmed with a little bit of denim.

Two sets, all prepped for the application of glue:

Here's the final product, on punched card stock, with my business card info. Hey, it's multi-purpose: a display and a marketing tool.

Here's the close up of the earrings on the card.

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