Upcycle: Dowdy Vintage Beige Triple Strand Necklace to Five Strand Crochet Stunner

The starting point for this upcycle makeover is an oatmeal colored triple strand necklace. It was from the "Mad Men" area, but blah....  
So, I took a pair of scissors to it. Snip, snip, snip!

The beads have now been freed from their oh-so-blah beige environment.

I had plenty of beads left from my first Crochet Wire and Bead Necklace, so these are going into the mix... a box of beads that were a mix of yellows, oranges and metallics.

I also had this elastic beaded bracelet to chop up.

I had plenty of copper wire (26 gauge) left over from that other crochet project, so I didn't have any extra cost for this project. I used the same single crochet technique that Rose taught me in the class I took at Mays Landing, NJ Michaels store. I made a total of five strands, but I left them loose, for a lot of movement. The five wires got attached in the back, and I left the original faux pearl chain connector in the back.

 Here's how it looks from the back:
Here's how it looks from the front:


It's definitely different! I think it's stunning. Saint Salvage strikes again!


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