Monday, October 8, 2012

Quickie DIY: Wrapped Glass Bead Ring

 The weather was not so good this past weekend, and I've been admiring wire wrapping projects online and in books and magazines, so I decided to make a wire wrapped ring that used one of my beads from broken jewelry.
I had some Artistic Wire that I bought about a month ago, and wrapped it arund my ring mandrel twice.

 Then, I made the loops to secure the bead wire my round-nosed pliers.

I wrapped some fine gauge silver wire under the loop, and threaded it through the left loop.
I threaded it through the bead and pulled it taught. Then, through the other loop.
I wrapped the remaining portion of the wire down the other side and around the bead, and secured the tail.
Here it is from the top.

It took me a about 30 minutes to wrap the ring. Not too bad. I guess it's time to get more inspiration.

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