Helios Pendant: a Project from Wirework Magazine

I bought an issue of Wirework Magazine at the local Books a Million Bookstore, and I found it to be loaded with lots of ideas.

Oh, what to make???? I settled upon making my version of the Helios pendant, which was designed by Deborah L. Gray-Wurz. Her project is on pages 36 - 39 of the issue, is you want to follow this step by step.

I decided to use 20 gauge brown wire and 26 gauge non-tarnish wrapping wire. The chain was a bulk oval link chain I bought at the local Michaels Craft Store. The accent "donut" shaped stone was also from Michaels, from the Bead Landing Collection, and on sale for $2.99 for a strung set of 4.

The dangles.... the crystals were from an orphaned clip on earring. The tiny turquoise clusters above the yellow drops were from broken earrings. The center dangle and the yellow drops were from broken earrings, too.

It took me about 2 hours to do this project.... Not too bad.

Oh, yes.... the extender chain was from a broken vintage necklace.

Saint Salvage strikes again!


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