Crochet Beaded Wire Toggle Necklace

I took a wire crochet necklace making class last night (Oct 08), for two hours, at the Michaels Store in Mays Landing, NJ. My instructor was Rose. It was great! She had a lot of patience! I highly recommend taking a class every now and then to get inspired and learn new skills.

I bought copper wire; 26 gauge, a box of beads that were a mix of yellows, oranges and metallics, and a toggle closure kit. Then, I learned wire crochet for the very first time. The first strand took the longest. It has about 35 beads on it.

Then, I made 2 more strands, single crochet.

I twisted the first two strands together and then the third one around the others. Lastly, last night, I wrapped the toggle ends to the end of each end of the rope. We took a photo on a display bust.

My instructor, Rose took a photo of me last night. I am proud of my new creation!

Today, I finished it by making a charm on the loop end of the toggle. I had a an orphan oval hoop clip on earring, and a small resin globe with a mustard seed.

I wrapped the loop with a scrap piece of the copper wire from last night's class along with two spare beads, and attached the mustard seed charm. After that, I attached the charm to the loop end of the toggle.

Here it is, the finished necklace! Cost of the class: $10 (USD), and estimated cost of the supplies: $3 (USD). Of course, I paid a little more than that because I bought a set of beads and a huge spool of wire, and a bunch of toggles... Leftovers for more projects!

Thank you, Rose!


  1. OMG Tiffany Your Awesome! That is an Amazing Blog! You did even better with it than I would have! And the finished Necklace with the bottom charm you added is Beautiful! I REALLY LOVE your Necklace! Your the Professional NOW!
    I enjoyed teaching you and am VERY Proud of what you Created!!!!!!!

    :)))) Rose


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