Quickie DIY Amber Ring: Parts from Kabela Design

I had the pleasure of attending the Innovative Beads Expo on 12/02/12. It was held in
815 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801 
It's located right next to the Daniel S. Frawley Stadium

I checked out many different vendors, and one of the vendors I visited and purchased from is Kabela Design (also on Facebook and Twitter). I settled on some cool filigree cones (I'll do a project with those later), and this cute yellow faceted cube
It was wrapped in filigree that Kabela Design calls Lovely.
 Here it is from the top side.

I bought some Vintaj Parawire from Millville, NJ's Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago (40% off the listed price of $4.99)

I cut off three pieces of wire and wrapped them 3/4 of the way around a ring mandrel, to match my size of 7 1/2. Then, I wrapped 24 ga wire around the three wires to make a shank, bent them around the mandrel, and then split the ends 3 ways.
I bent each end of the three way around opposing sides of the filigree, and then coated it all with Vintaj Glaze by Ranger Ink
After letting it dry a couple of minutes, I produced a brand-new statement ring. Tah dah!!! What do you think? It catches the light so well!!!


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