Review: Rebelle by Rihanna for women Eau de Parfum

Here's my latest fragrance obsession: Rebelle by Rihanna for women Eau de Parfum

I tried it last night (12/20), because a huge display was near the checkout area at my local Sears. I normally tend to stay away from "celebrity" fragrances, but the bottle caught my eye. I sprayed it on, and at first.... wow! Very intense. Sexual. It is definitely a gourmand, with with cacao, coffee, patchouli and an almond/ marzipan and ginger layer to it. Quite complex. It definitely smells similar to Thierry Mugler's Angel.

I found a bottle today at my local Walmart, and it was listed is $19.99 for 1 oz, but it had a $5 off coupon.... the last one on the shelf! I definitely give it 2 thumbs up!
I left this same review on Fragrantica. It seems like other people agree with me. It's awesome.


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