Weaving with Wire: a Pendant based on "Spotlight on Wire"

I had the pleasure of borrowing a book titled "Spotlight on Wire" from my local library. I needed inspiration, and this looked challenging.
So, I followed the instructions in the book. I cut the flat wire:

I hammered the wire with a my texturing hammer.

I curled up the edges, to prepare to receive the framing wire.

Like so.....

I made by own bail by wrapping 16 gauge wire around a #2 pencil. Hey.... my kids were doing their homework nearby.

I wove the wire, added spacers and the bail.

I curled some pink wire around a crochet needle, along with black freshwater pearls.

Then, I threaded the wire and pearls through the center of the square and added a little extra wire, and wrapped the bail around a black velvet ribbon for a necklace.

Tah dah!!!! It took about the hours... the weaving definitely was challenging. I wanted it to be square, after all!


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