After the Fire: July 10 Progress Photos

After the Fire: July 10 Progress Photos
This was an important milestone. The rest of our flooring was completed.

This was my inspiration. My neighbor has tile going from his front door all the way through to his kitchen.

I really liked that idea, but.....

It's all off-white, and it's tile, complete with grout. I had a feeling that it would not do well in my household.

So, we went with this: 

Let's flash back to the post I made on: June 21 2013
Vinyl in the "Ebony" shade, by Karndean.

Here's the flooring in the utility closet....

All the flooring was installed by the Floor Coverings International team, from Medford, NJ.

In the kitchen, going into the utility closet.....
I love this color. It looks like weathered wood.

In the dining room (the washer and dryer will get moved into their closet by the Mammoth Restoration team).

Last view..... looking from the dining room out the front door.... 

Here's the new vinyl for the washer and dryer closet....


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