After the Fire: July 1 Progress Photos

After the Fire: July 1 Progress Photos

Nice ducting going into the ceiling.

New hot water heater.....


New furnace.....

The most obvious change is (drum roll, please)....
The CARPET!!!! The color is called "Titanic", by Mohawk.

The downstairs bedroom walk-in closet....

The downstairs bedroom.There's my jewelry workbench and.... 
The new A/C unit!!!!

A closer look at the A/C unit, nicely staged on plastic poly sheeting.

Looking down the hallway, toward the downstairs bedroom.

Looking at the carpet going up the steps.

The upstairs bedroom. Looking at the closet and the windows.

Looking from the bedroom toward the loft.

The loft.....

The upstairs bedroom. Looking good!

Here's the loft. Furniture needs to be moved, but it looks great!

Looking down from the loft at the landing on the steps.

Looking at the carpet in the living room. I think the dark color plays well with the "Water Squirt" color.


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