After the Fire: July 2 Progress Photos

After the Fire: July 2 Progress Photos

I called Glassboro Thrift Village to see that they might have the elusive sectional/ sleeper sofa/ recliner. I have found other cool things there before......

Guess what? They did have one. 

It was marked $500, but it was marked down to $350, plus tax. I went there right after work, and there it was.......

It fit our needs perfectly, but it was too big for my car 
(thanks Mom and Dad)

When I got to the house....... the new A/C unit was installed.

I hope this is going to save on those upcoming electric bills... Eh, not so much.....

Here's what the old one looked like..... bye, bye......

Here's two of the three pieces of the sectional in the living room. The center piece will be here tomorrow.

I think the teal (turquoise?) color goes well with the walls and the carpet. So far, so good....


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