My First "Commissioned" Piece: Some New Beads and the Rest are Upcycled

This is my first "commisioned" piece. I was asked to make a necklace from these beads, by one of the other ladies who attend my church. 

Hmmmm.....this is a challenge for me, because I usually let my project materials "speak" to me.

I thought that this would make a great focal point. It has a heart shape to it.

This is a necklace I decided to sacrifice.

These beads make a nice textural and color contrast.

Here's all the beads, all ready to go....

This is my first design idea. I sent a photo to my client, and she wasn't crazy about the heart shaped focal. So, try again....

This is my next pattern test. It looks good to me.

This is the beading wire I decided to use.

I decided to string it directly from the spool.

 To finish, I tried out my new tool purchase: the "1 Step Crimper" from Bead Buddy. The clasp is a toggle from "Adorned by Rebecca Nunn". 

Here's the crimp up close, covered by a crimp bead.

Here's the toggle clasp. It's nice and solid, to support the beads.

Here's the finished necklace.

It has the tan stone beads, shell beads, and turquoise beads and green quartz chips in between the large beads.

Here's pattern up close.

Here's the closure with my signature "Made With Love Charm".


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