Sorry for the hiatus

I've been in a sad place for a while. My personal life has been rough, and it was capped off my my mom passing away suddenly in April 2015. This was the last picture I have her and me. It was taken at the Philadephia Flower Show in March 2015.

I've been really soul-searching, and I've been mising her every day. I spoke with my younger son last night, and he told me that I need to do more than just work and "do mom stuff". He's 17, and he sensed that I've been suffering for a long time, despite hiding the pain from the world. Working and going through the motions. So, I thought about it.... I was happier when I was creating things. It felt good to do this, and I know Mom would approve because she was and arts & crafts person too. Mom and my Nan (my Dad's mom) got me into being creative. 

I don't want their gifts of love and creativity to die. I need to keep going and creating and honoring the love those two special women gave me. So.... Hi. I'm back. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope I can put some fun projects and musings out there.


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