Quickie DIY: Vintage Earrings Refashion to Fringe Cone Earrings

I found this cute pair of vintage cone shaped pierced earrings at one of my favorite local thrift shops: Kathleen's Closet. Their sales support the Community Food Bank of NJ. I love finding bargains that help the Food Bank and other helping organizations.

I bought this pair with the plan of using this as part of a DIY.

I had these fringe beads sitting in my stash... they turned to be perfect for this quickie DIY. I bought them last year on clearance from Michaels.

I selected the brown, black, red and silver fringe bead strands because they were the only duplicate colors. I took them off the chain, and separated them; one for each side.

I took a gold tone head pin and threaded it through the top of each cone.

I threaded the beaded strands onto each head pin.

Then, I curled each wire and trimmed them.

Last step... I bent the wire back up into the cone.

Here I am, modeling my new creation. Not bad for about 10 minutes of hands-on time.


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