Quickie DIY: A Cat Friendly Small Entryway with a Bookcase

I live in a two story townhouse, with next-to-no entryway. I had a small plastic organizer there before that became a messy area that my two cats would climb all over. They would knock things down, too. I also have books that I wanted to organize in my small place. So..... I called ahead to one of my favorite thrift stores, Glassboro Thrift Village. Not only did they have "lots" of bookcases, but they were having a 30% off sale for furniture! Whoo hoo!!!!

I drove the 45 minute ride, and settled on one that was $50 before the 30% off, which worked out to be $35, plus tax. It has five shelves, plus a nice top for the kitties. My son and I brought it home, moved the plastic organizer, and set up the bookcase. I cleaned it, filled it with my books, and put their bet bed on the bottom shelf, and a fuzzy blanket that they like on the top of the bookcase. My female cat, Sydney, approved of it!

I also have plenty of room!!! 


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