Vintage Milk Bottle Turned DIY Diffuser Quickie DIY

I found a vintage milk bottle while walking through a nature preserve near my home, and I was inspired to make a diffuser.

This is the finished DIY project.

I started with the bottle, after cleaning all the dirt that had built up inside and on it. The added charm is that is a half-pint (1940s era) from Sterling Davis Dairy, which was from Wrightstown, NJ. It makes me smile that I can give a forgotten item from my home state some new life.

I have some Phlox plants that are in my front yard. It's the end of the season, so I cut off some dried stems for conducting the scented oil.

This is the scented oil I chose. They are from the local Dollar Tree.  Sugar Cookie and Pumpkin Pie are very complementary.

These are the Phlox stems, after I cut them.

This is a cross-section of a stem. It acts as a straw.

It's easy to cut and arrange the stems.

The last step.... pour in the scented oils.

The finished project:


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