How to Remove Ink from a Purse Lining

This is another blog post created to solve a problem of mine. I know I can't be the only one who has had a purse ruined by an exploding pen. Here's how I did it. 

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Gather everything you need for the project:
Purse with dried ink. Yes, I waited for it to dry.

Paper towels, scrub brush with nylon bristles (tough enough to lift the ink, but not too tough that the lining will get chewed up).
Carbona Stain Devils #3: Ink & Crayon

De-Solv-It "APC" All Purpose Cleaner & Orange Powered Degreaser

*** Keep your trash can close by! ***

Step 2: Scrub and Remove that Ink!

**** Safety note: I performed the scrubbing in my bathroom, with the fan running. ****

I started by using the Carbona Stain Devil first. I dribbled a little bit on a small area, and scrubbed and blotted. Then, I dribbed and repeated MULTIPLE times.... the stained paper towel shows it. 

I followed the scrubbing and towel treatment with the APC. That released any residual ink and also removed any solvent smell. It left behind a fresh, orange smell.

 Then, I rinsed it all out and allowed it to dry.

Step 3: Put that purse back into use!

Ta - Dah!!! This is what I saw when I looked at the lining of my purse. Almost as good as new!

Saint Salvage strikes again!


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