Review: Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ Lipstick Mystic Plum

I am a member of People Style Watch Style Hunters. It's a great sampling and review program! 
I had the pleasure of RSVP-ing for a sample of Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ Lipstick, in the color Mystic Plum, #2026. It's an on-trend fall berry color.

Here's the color name:

Here's the tube from the side. Sleek, silver and modern. I'm sucker for great packaging.


To open the tube, push down on that clear center.

After you pull the clear top down, the inner tube slides down, and then you pull out that tube.

Check out the bullet color. Thankfully, it's not too dark and vampy. I'm very pale-skinned, and "Goth" just doesn't work for me.

A swatch on my forearm. The color went on smoothly, with my skipping, pulling or dragging.

Here's how it looks in daylight, looking in my parked car's driver's side mirror. It didn't have an obvious scent or flavor. It felt balmy, and very light and comfortable. The satin, semi-sheer color lasted approximately four hours, and left a decent "popsicle" type stain when it started to wear off. It didn't leave that nasty "ring around the mouth" stain, was nice and even.

Thank you, People StyleWatch Style Hunters and Mary Kay! This is definitely NOT the formulations that my grandmother used in the 1970s.... I played with them then, when I was a little kid.
If you're interested, here's the link to buy Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick. The Mary Kay site has 10 different colors available, at $18.00 each. The price falls in line with other "mid range" lipsticks.


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