Negligee to Victoria's Secret Style Bra Refashion

I was out "hunting" at my local Goodwill store, and I spotted this set that was on sale for $3.99, and it's color tag was half off. It was new with tags, but it had a huge rip in the front.

It came with an adorable thong that gave me an inspiration. I would turn the negligee into a bra.

This is the back, before.

I started off with cutting off the bottom, leaving the bra.

Here's a side view.

This is the back.

I cut the lacy, frilly bottom off the negligee, and pinned it and sewed it to the bra.

Last, I opened up the hook end of the bra, to finish sewing the extra frill into place.

Here's the finished bra, front view.

This is the back view.


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