Crochet and Vintage Gauze Restyled and Upcycled Top

I found this sad cream colored top at a Goodwill by the Pound store. It was looking a little rough, but had potential. This is the front of the top.

This is the back. Really cute. 

I inherited this dress from my mom, when she passed last year. I really like the lightness, but it's really long and had some stains.



I cut the bottom tier off. You can see the lining left behind here.

I gathered that bottom tier and pinned it to the crochet part of the top.


I hand-sewed that bottom tier to that crocheted upper part. Then, I took out a roll of Stitch Witchery, and used it on the inside, between the lower tier and the crocheted part (the hem/ seam allowance area).


Then I used the iron-on seam tape on top of the frayable part of the inside gathered seams.


Here I am, modeling the finished product. It's perfectly light and floaty. It's great for summer.


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