Review: Fuse Gelnamel by Sensationail: Lightning Jolt

 I went to my local CVS, with a coupon for saving $5, if the customer spends $15 on beauty on nail products. I'm a sucker for gel polish, and I found "Fuse Gelnamel" by Sensationail. I've tried their gel polish before, and I've enjoyed them. So, my curiosity was aroused, and I bought two "Gelnamel" colors.

Lightning Jolt                                                             Gone Fission

I used the gelnamel with a thin gel primer coat, a thin gel base coat, two THIN coats of the Lightning Jolt, and followed with a thin coat of gel top coat. I used it all with the original LED light.

Here's what it looks like in "indoor" light. 

By judging the color of the bottle, I was expecting an opaque hot pink color, with glitter. But, it's a transparent pink with lots of glitter.

This is what it looks like in daylight.... very pretty, girly and sparkly. I really like it!

If you want to check them out, here's a link to Fuse by Sensationail on Youtube:


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