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Hey, Ma! We have BIG birdies on our deck!

Mookie, our ginger tabby, loves to "patrol" our house. He saw these "big birdies", and "told me: about them.

Here he is:

Aw, shucks! Missed opportunity! She got away!

Here they are again! The coast is clear.... no cat!

They are so cool! Just love seeing the peacocks!

Fragrance Frankensteining, or How to Remove the Spray Nozzles off Perfume Bottles

I have been on a cleaning, organizing plan since moving back into the house after the fire. Today, I took a baby step.... Combining two partial bottles of similar fragrance into one bottle.  The subjects of my experiment are:
Original Jovan Musk for Women and 
Jovan Satisfaction for Women

So, I started by going to Fragrantica to research how to remove the spray nozzles.
Step one: remove the plastic caps and nozzles. Get the pliers.

Step 2: Use the pliers to gently pull off the metal cap, and release the seal. Pull up the tube and cap. 

Step 3: Repeat the process with the other bottle.

Step 4: (Duh) Combine the bottles.

Step 5: Put the metal cap and nozzle apparatus back on and attempt to re-crimp the metal.

Cosmetic Commercial Critique: BeneFit Cosmetics' They're Real Mascara (Real Men Don't Fake It)

I like to keep up with current trends and advertising with cosmetics and fragrances. So, I read that this ad for BeneFit Cosmetics' "They're Real Mascara" was controversial. 

I clicked on their website for more information. 
 I clicked over to YouTube, and found the ad below:

Obviously, it's following the "sex sells" philosophy that has been around since the early days of product advertising. Women are usually the gratuituous subjects of those ads. So..... in these modern times, a tiny part of me thinks "Hey it's about time that men are used in the same way that women are." But.... I mostly think "Why do women need to stoop to the same level?" I think it was distasteful to show guys (including Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore) reaching down their shorts, if they're grabbing their "junk', but instead pulling out tubes of mascara.... I'm all for being edgy and attention getting to sell your product, but this crossed…

Mid week Gel Mani: Thinkin' Pink: Red Carpet Manicure, Gelish and Finger Paints

Tonight's gel manicure used the following colors:
The first color coat was Red Carpet Manicure's Paparazzied (after the clear base coat)

The second color coat was a thin layer of Gelish's Sugar N' Spice & Everything Nice.

The final color coat was Finger Paints' It's a Master-Pink, which is topped with a clear topcoat.

Here's the finished manicure. All rosy-pink and sparkly! All the polishes are LED cured, and are compatible with each other.

H&M FOR F/W 13 Looks a LOT Like Christian Siriano's Winning Collection for Project Runway's Season 5 (2007)

I just got a peek at the new Fall/Winter 2013 Collection for H&M: 

I got a serious case of deja vu, because it looks like a ready to wear version of Christian Siriano's winning collection for Project Runway's Season 5 (2007). I even included a Youtube video for comparison:

Like I said in a previous post, Project Runway is my crack, so I couldn't help but notice. 

Stills from that show:

These are from H&M:

Isn't anything original anymore?

Battle of the Runways on Aug 15, 2013: The Night I Met Jay McCarroll

Anybody who really knows me knows that Project Runway is my crack.
So, when I was trolling the Lifetime TV's Project Runway blog, I noticed this post, and naturally I "HAD TO" attend. 
Meet Season 1 Winner Jay McCarroll at Hamilton Mall By laurareinekeWED., JUN. 26, 2013 ,3:54 PM EDT The original "Project Runway" champ, Jay McCarroll, has been named Fashion Ambassador for Hamilton Mall, the largest indoor mall in all of Atlantic and Cape May counties in New Jersey. Jay will help the mall celebrate an extensive redesign and redevelopment program with a number of special events, including a back-to-school themed "Battle of the Runways" in August. He'll be designing a special T-shirt for the mall, as well as writing an interactive column for their monthly newsletter. And he's kicking it all off with ameet and greet this Friday, June 28, at Never Too Spoiled, the mall's exclusive carrier of Jay's design. "This is an awesome opportunity …