Cosmetic Commercial Critique: BeneFit Cosmetics' They're Real Mascara (Real Men Don't Fake It)

I like to keep up with current trends and advertising with cosmetics and fragrances. So, I read that this ad for BeneFit Cosmetics' "They're Real Mascara" was controversial. 

I clicked on their website for more information. 

 I clicked over to YouTube, and found the ad below:

Obviously, it's following the "sex sells" philosophy that has been around since the early days of product advertising. Women are usually the gratuituous subjects of those ads. So..... in these modern times, a tiny part of me thinks "Hey it's about time that men are used in the same way that women are." But.... I mostly think "Why do women need to stoop to the same level?" I think it was distasteful to show guys (including Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore) reaching down their shorts, if they're grabbing their "junk', but instead pulling out tubes of mascara.... I'm all for being edgy and attention getting to sell your product, but this crossed the line from being cheeky to cheesy. 


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