I got roses for Valentine's Day, and I reused the petals....

My wonderful husband got me 19 roses on Valentine's Day, and I couldn't bear to throw them out, and I'm not a fan of dust-collecting potpourri. So, when I found this great DIY post on how to use wilted rose petals,
5+ ways to use of wilted roses
it was "Game on.... challenge accepted."


I shredded the roses and saturated them with argan, grapeseed, olive and almond oil.


I put the shredded petals and oil into the food processor.

Whee!!!! Turning the petals and oil into a slurry.


Completely torn-up!

Then, I strained the oil from the petals. Note that the oil was a clear-straw color before this process.

Then, I bottled the oil.


After bottling the strained rose oil, I was left with the leftover petals with some oil.

Ah....rose petal bath time with a homemade bath bomb (I made them a few weeks ago).

Saint Salvage strikes again!


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